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Construction Document Production

Construction Document Production

At  International Service Partners (ISP), we understand that each construction project is unique, but the path to architectural success is well-defined. Our architectural engineering and construction team is well-versed in helping you with every step of the construction process, encompassing the entire scope of the project. From floor plans & elevations to life safety calculations to wall sections to details, ISP progresses each project along while the AOR stays in complete control. No matter what design software your team uses (Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Chief Architect, and more), the ISP team will create top-quality CD sets with your standards. At International Service Partners, our goal is to be an extension of your team! Here for you, to assist with a wide range of architectural and engineering services. All at a fraction of the cost, but without sacrificing quality!

The Process of Design: Construction Documents

Schematic design is the key principle for architectural engineering and construction success. This plan outlines the general idea or goal for the project, while the design development team will work in conjunction to refine it before the project manager takes on the scope of the project. Construction documents fill in construction specifications to allow the project to progress through the different stages.


In essence, the creation of the construction documents serves two major functions: to apply for and receive all necessary permits required for the project. While the design does not change between these two stages, two CD sets will need to be created — the Permit Set and the Issue for Construction Set. These documents bridge the gap between safety code compliance, contractor regulations, and design elements for functionality.

Construction Documents We Assist With

The CD sets consist of a variety of documentation including drawings, specifications, contract requirements, procurement requirements, modifications and addenda, and resource drawings including renderings. Here is a list of construction documents that ISP can assist with:

  • Site Plan or Survey
  • Demolition Floor Plan(s) & Elevation(s)
  • Foundation Plan(s)
  • Floor Plan(s)
  • Framing Plan(s)
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Roof Plan(s)
  • Building and/or Wall Sections
  • Title sheet specs
  • MEP details
  • Structural details
  • Electrical & Lighting Plans
  • Plan & Section Details
  • Door & Window Schedules
If building interiors are included in the scope of the project, then the following drawings may be included:
  • Interior Elevations (bath accessory placement and wall tile layouts)
  • Enlarged Floors Plans (plumbing and floor tile layouts)
  • Selection Schedule (cataloging tile, countertop, and plumbing sections)
  • Material, Fixture, and Appliance Specification
  • Cabinetry details
  • And more 

With so many details that go into the creation of the construction documents, strong attention must be given to avoid any setbacks or delays due to incomplete drawings or information.

Architectural Tasks You Can Delegate

Architects, builders, and clients rely on the creation of these construction documents to outline the entire scope of the project from start to finish. ISP provides each member of its operational division with one of the best architecture schools in the world, using state-of-the-art technology. Due to our high efficiency and attention to detail here are some of the architectural tasks you can delegate to our team:

Advantages of Partnering with ISP for your CD’s:

1 ――――
Access to Cutting-Edge Technology
2 ――――
Expand your Business with Low Operational Cost
3 ――――
Expertise in Meeting the Global Standards
4 ――――
Minimizing the Risk of Cost Escalation
5 ――――
Conquering Project and Delivery Timelines
6 ――――
Effective Project Management

With more than 25 years of experience in architectural and engineering construction, our remote ISP team is fully capable of creating an entire CD set from the design development stage, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient solution to your construction documentation needs. With fast turnaround times and high-quality deliverables, ISP is the leading 24-hour international architectural engineering and construction partner across the globe. Experience the difference and advantages of outsourcing when you partner with us. Contact our team to get started today!