Converting Reality into Digital Precision Via Point Cloud to BIM

Our team of trained BIM professionals and modelers, proficient in using all the latest tools and technologies, is here to help you. They produce high-quality visuals from LiDAR scans. You can send us your scanned blueprints, and our BIM engineers will convert them into 2D and 3D renderings. Our premium scan to BIM services give you high-quality visuals and save money and time. You no longer need to visit a site for manual survey and site design. Instead, provide us with your scanned data, and we will cover the rest. We work as an augmentation of your team and not only as a third-party service provider. We work with the top laser scanning companies and bring speed and accuracy to developing your model for renovation projects.

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Remote Scan to BIM Services for Engineers, Architects, and Contractors

With contemporary 3D scanning, we can collect precise data quickly. A 3D laser scanner on a tripod includes an eye-safe laser spinning at a high speed. As the laser beam hits solid surfaces, the position relative to the scanner is recorded as a coordinate or point. Millions of these points will get logged to create an accurate picture. Once you send the point cloud data to us, we convert them into visuals, focusing on MEP connections, architectural designs, structural bases, and more.

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Collecting the data using a 3D laser scanner

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Taking the data back to the design office

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Using it in the BIM process

Why Partner with Us?

Our scan to BIM services can improve your functional efficiency, reduce expenses, and enhance the quality of your BIM models. Outsource your requirements to us so we can work on the scans to produce high-quality, precise models that help you mitigate risks associated with project delays, quality issues, and technical changes. As our engineers are knowledgeable in industry standards and regulations, we are not only code-compliant but also reduce legal risks. We also take your feedback throughout the project lifecycle to deliver as per your expectations and improve our methodologies.

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Outsource your point cloud modeling services to save money, improve productivity, and mitigate risks while getting the highest-quality results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once you send us scanned data, our team of experienced modelers creates the BIM models using advanced software tools. We strictly adhere to industry standards and best practices for our scan to BIM services. Our team checks the quality using specialized software to identify inconsistencies or errors.
    We can create BIM models for structural, architectural, civil, MEP, and other engineering and architectural disciplines.
    We can produce LOD ranging from 100 to 500.