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3D Walkthrough of A Museum

Thanks to Virtual Reality, we can now create a virtual visualization of a project before making it. A virtual walkthrough shows how the completed project will look, helping us in decision-making.  For this project, the client needed a virtual walkthrough before committing to the changes of a museum. Our architects used Lumion and SketchUp to create a 3D rendering of the building. They divided the project into different teams to finish the project on time. The teams have done an outstanding job creating every minute detail, from blowing wind to various types of plants, walking and standing models, roads, etc. They have captured even the texture of the walls and ground to ensure the 3D rendering is flawless. Although mixing audio with the rendering can be challenging, ISP architects did a marvelous job and completed the project within the specified timeline.

Location: Florida, USA

Services: Architecture, Rendering

Category: Commercial

Software: Lumion & Sketchup

Who We Are

When it comes to architectural rendering services and interior design support, you only want the best. After all, it’s important to put your best foot forward and have the best information when deciding upon architectural engineering and construction (AEC) projects. International Service Partners (ISP) offers a plethora of remote design services to meet your business’s unique needs, including 3D architectural rendering, BIM services, Virtual Admin, Survey CADD, MEP Design support, and so much more, to create projects like the interior walkthrough of a cafe seen above. Contact one of our architects to get started today.

What Is Architectural Design Support?

Architectural design support is the process of providing support to architects and other professionals in the design process of a building or structure, or, oftentimes, it can be a comprehensive architectural visualization service where the entire project is outsourced. Here at ISP, our remote 3D architectural design teams offer assistance in conceptualizing and refining the design of a project, as well as the production of drawings and other construction documents to communicate the design. Depending on the type of project, other outsourced architectural design services may be needed as well, such as 3D modeling and rendering and 3D architectural animation, as seen above.

The End Result

The goal of our architectural design support services is to help our customers with all of their AEC and MEP needs. Since every customer is different, all of our services are different, too. For example, in the case above, we used computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create a wonderful walkthrough of a cafe, so our customers could visualize the interior. In addition, these walkthroughs can be used to determine the feasibility of a project or even to gain funding. Real estate agents can use these to help sell homes, too. The sky’s the limit, and ISP would love to discuss your architectural visualization needs. Contact us today.

Interior Walkthrough of a Cafe

The vivid details of this interior walkthrough of a cafe cannot be missed. In fact, it’s the details that our remote design team has created that probably stands out the most to customers. Created with Lumion, this architectural animation can give contractors a good idea of what is needed during the building process. These 3D animation renderings can save everyone time and money, which is super important in commercial construction. The remote design teams at ISP can help you with all of your architectural animation needs. Get in touch today.

Why Partner With ISP?

ISP is a leader in offering outsourced architectural design services, including #3D rendering, BIM services, and construction documents. Our architectural animation services provide a range of benefits for architects, designers, and builders. Animation can be used to present a project in a visually appealing and engaging manner, helping architects and companies to stand out from the competition and gain more attention from potential clients and investors.

Architectural animation can also be used to better explain complex concepts, allowing clients to gain a better understanding of a project’s features and benefits. Furthermore, our remote design teams can use architectural animation to help reduce the costs associated with creating physical models, as clients can simply view a digital version of the project in order to gain an appreciation of the project’s scale and scope. Our architectural design support firm is nimble, and we are always open to your ideas and what you need to accomplish. With our highly trained remote design teams, anything is possible.

To learn more about ISP and our many architectural AEC and MEP outsourced design support services, contact us today!