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State University Building

The client requirement was the addition of a new building in a state university arena. This building consists of multiple office spaces, fast food area, kitchen area & large dining area, indoor sports facility and multiple ballroom & function rooms. Our MEP team was given the task of performing the general load calculations, creation of design document sets for the MEP service and the inter discipline pre-construction coordination MEP services for the entire building. We were allowed to use only the existing facility chiller along with the addition of one new chiller and electrical panels for the new building. Making the best use of the given information, our team created all the models.

Location: Florida, USA

: Design Document Creation, Pre Construction Inter Discipline MEP Coordination along with Architectural and Structural Services, MEP services

: Education

: Revit, Naviswork , Energy Gauge, HAP

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Architectural and Structural Design Services

Architectural and structural design services are a vital part of many building projects. They are responsible for ensuring that the structure of a building is safe and functional, while also providing aesthetic appeal. This type of outsourced architectural design service includes designing the layout, layout of rooms, interior and exterior design, and overall look of the building. Structural design services are necessary for creating the physical structure of the building, such as the foundation, walls, and roof. This may include designing the structural elements of the building, such as the load-bearing walls, columns, and beams.

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MEP services, or Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services, are an essential part of any building or renovation project. These components are essential for any building to function properly and safely. Mechanical services include the installation and maintenance of ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems, as well as the installation of any necessary equipment and appliances. Electrical services include the installation of wiring, circuit breakers, panel boxes, and other electrical components. Plumbing services include the installation and maintenance of water supply, drainage, and wastewater systems. In addition, ISP also offers fire protection services, photometrics design, landscape lighting design, energy modeling, and Title 24 outsourced design services.

The End Result

When combining both MEP design services and architectural and structural design, you get comprehensive services that yield incredible results at an affordable price. After all, these outsourced design services are rendered by a computer, making it super easy to make changes with no actual physical components involved. Our mission is to ensure each customer is satisfied with our outsourced architectural design and MEP services.

State University Building

With the State University Building project, our remote design teams used Revit, Naviswork , Energy Gauge, and HAP software to design a multi-functional and multi-purpose building from the ground up. We provided a stunning interior and exterior architectural model that met all of the requirements of the client and ensured innovative, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly ideas. Our customer was ecstatic at the final result, which is our mission with each and every construction modeling project we undertake.

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Partnering with a remote architectural design firm can be a great way to get the most out of your next building project. In today’s fast-paced world, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and stay competitive. Working with a remote design firm can help you achieve this goal. Here at ISP, our team is super efficient and works diligently to ensure you have your 3D architectural renderings and MEP designs back to you for review in a timely fashion. We understand that time is money, which is why we prioritise every customer. Our highly trained remote teams have years of experience and can help ensure your building project is everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

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