BIM Design Support

BIM Design Support

At ISP, our engineers’ skills & experience are the key to success. ISP BIM Modellers undergo extensive training in our world class institute on not only the software and process of BIM modeling but also the different components of building construction. Everyday, our huge BIM Modelling teams continually work on millions of square feet of existing and proposed construction all over the world. We have experience in the development of LOD 100 to LOD 500 models for Architecture, Structure, Civil, MEP, Geometry, Materials and so on. Our teams also work closely with our 3rd Party QC department to perform clash detection of finished building designs. We train our team members to analyze each clash and not to repeat the same tasks over and over making the reports look so huge, but rather to report the relevant and necessary clashes so the client’s time isn’t taken up weeding through the Clash Detection reports. 

Architectural BIM design

Architectural BIM Design

At ISP, we transform rough sketches into high-quality 3D models and detailed 3D photorealistic images as per the requirements. We work extensively on architectural BIM services including building information models from rough sketches, CAD drawings, and documentation in 3D models, BIM, analysis, clash detection and content creation. Here is a list of construction documents that ISP can assist with:

  • Converting 2D drawings (PDF or CAD) to 3D BIM models
  • Interior & exterior modeling 
  • Floor finish plans and details 
  • Furniture layout plans 
  • Facade details 
  • Landscape plans details 
  • Egress plans 
  • Building sections 
  • Elevations 
  • Staircase/ vertical circulations details 
  • Generating quantities from the 3D BIM architectural model
  • Revit family creation 
  • Point cloud to architecture BIM 3D model
  • Scanned/ handmade sketch to 2D CAD conversion

Structural BIM Design

ISP provides complete BIM structural and construction documentation services along with drafting and detailing along with 3D modeling. One can assign us below tasks:

  • Design development support & coordination
  • Converting 2D drawings to 3D models
  • 3D/ 4D/ 5D modeling for structural engineers 
  • Drawing set creation/ CD sets 
  • Quantity take-off & cost estimate
  • Creation of intelligent parametric libraries 
  • Marketing presentation model for bidding purpose
  • Creation of site logistic models prior to construction
  • Trust/ structural family creation
structural bim design

MEP BIM Design

ISP takes care of complete coordination of the MEP BIM model among all aspects such as HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, structure and architecture by ensuring it’s error-free. Here’s the tasks you can assign us:

  • 3D MEP models
  • Mechanical modeling 
  • Electrical modeling
  • Plumbing modeling
  • Fire protection modeling
  • Oil and gas industry modeling 
  • Scan to BIM MEP modeling 
  • Site lighting modeling 
  • Internal and external Clash coordination 
  • MEP family creation

2D Drafting

Our draftsmen are skilled and experienced enough to create detailed and accurate CAD drawings as per the building codes of the USA. By accessing our services, your drawings will be easy to integrate with other parts or assemblies, speeding up the CAD design process. Here’s the tasks you can assign us:


  • Bulk drawing conversion for all disciplines
  • CAD construction drawing set 
  • Architectural 2D CAD drafting 
  • Structural 2D CAD drafting Services 
  • Floor play layouts 
  • Scanned/ handmade sketch to 2D CAD conversion 
  • Standardization of drawings 
  • Redline markups 
  • Scan to BIM 2D drafting 
2D drafting
Construction Drawings Production

Construction Drawings Production

Our teams have the expertise to assist various business owners such as Architects, Structural Consultants, MEP Consultants, Mechanical Designers, Landscapers, Interior Designers, Real Estate developers, and Fabricators. Here are the tasks you can assign us:


  • Architectural Drawings
  • MEP Drawings 
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Millwork Drawings 
  • Interior/ Shop Drawings

BIM Coordination & Clash Detection

Our clash detection and coordination services allow the clients to check and solve the clashes between various systems like Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Structural, and Interior designs. Our highly skilled engineers detect issues before construction starts. Here are the tasks you can assign us:

  • Clash detection report for inter & all discipline 
  • Clash Free BIM model 
  • Hard Clash Detection
  • Soft Clash Detection 
  • BIM Clash Resolution Suggestions 
  • Design Team Collaboration
BIM coordination & clash detection
Shop Drawings Fabrication

Shop Drawings & Fabrication

ISP creates shop drawings in accordance with the project standards and helps the contractors, suppliers, fabricators and manufacturers. ISP can produce a comprehensive range of fabrication drawings for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Our Shop drawing services include Penetration Drawings, Spool Drawings, Sleeve Drawings and Insert Layout Drawings. Here’s the tasks you can assign us:

  • Coordinated MEP Shop Drawings
  • HVAC Duct Shop Drawings
  • Plumbing & Piping Shop Drawings
  • Electrical Shop Drawings
  • Fire Protection Shop Drawings
  • Millwork Shop Drawings
  • Aluminium/ Metal wall cladding Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings 

Scan to BIM

ISP delivers accurate and parametric as-built BIM and 2D CAD models showing the pipes, walls, slabs, roof planes, facades, and landscapes of the project. Our expert engineers can provide models (LOD 100 to 500) that cover all architectural, structural, and MEP aspects along with clash detection for their projects. Below are the tasks you can assign us:


  • Bulk drawing conversion for all disciplines
  • CAD construction drawing set 
  • Architectural 2D CAD drafting 
  • Structural 2D CAD drafting Services 
  • Floor play layouts 
  • Scanned/ handmade sketch to 2D CAD conversion 
  • Standardization of drawings 
  • Redline markups 
  • Scan to BIM 2D drafting 
Scan to BIM Services
Revit Family Creation

Revit Family Creation

Special expertise is required when it comes to Revit family creation as each and every element needs to be modeled perfectly with the right geometry. Our experts can create more accurate parametric and non-parametric models with a complete assembly of objects for the perfect BIM construction. Below are the tasks you can assign us:


  • Architecture Family 
  • Structure Family 
  • MEP Family 
  • Furniture Revit Family
  • Kitchen Accessories Revit Family
  • Pipes and Fixtures Revit Family
  • Windows and Doors Family 

4D Scheduling & 5D Quantities & Cost

Below is the task you can assign us:

  • 4D BIM Construction Phasing 
  • 4D TimeLine Services 
  • Model-based schedule 
  • Non-Model based schedule optimization
  • Production Control 
  • 5D Conversion
  • Quantity Take-off
  • Estimating Assistance 
4D Scheduling & 5D Quantities and Cost

Advantages of Partnering with ISP for your CD’s:

1 ――――
Access to Cutting-Edge Technology
2 ――――
Expand your Business with Low Operational Cost
3 ――――
Expertise in Meeting the Global Standards
4 ――――
Minimizing the Risk of Cost Escalation
5 ――――
Conquering Project and Delivery Timelines
6 ――――
Effective Project Management

With more than 25 years of experience in architectural and engineering construction, our remote ISP team is fully capable of creating an entire CD set from the design development stage, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient solution to your construction documentation needs. With fast turnaround times and high-quality deliverables, ISP is the leading 24-hour international architectural engineering and construction partner across the globe. Experience the difference and advantages of outsourcing when you partner with us. Contact our team to get started today!