Clash Detection Services

Ensuring Coordination Among Various Disciplines Through BIM Clash Detection Services

Our BIM coordination and clash detection services help you identify, prevent, and solve the clashes between various disciplines, such as architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, structural, interior, and exterior design. Our highly skilled engineers detect issues by evaluating the coordination in BIM models before you start the construction.

Our Key Services

MEP Clash Detection

Clash-Free BIM Model

Structural Clash Detection

Architectural Clash Detection

Land Drafting Clash Detection

CD Set Clash Detection

Remote Clash Detection Services for Better Quality Control

Our extensive clash detection allows architects, MEP engineers, BIM modelers, contractors, and subcontractors to complete a project without delay. Clash coordination is crucial for construction projects as it helps identify design gaps. A construction project may incur additional costs during construction if potential clashes in the design are not detected. Through our remote clash identification services, you can save costly reworks, improve the coordination among multiple disciplines, and create a well-coordinated design.

Avoid Human Errors Effectively

Avoid spending additional time and money on costly implementations during construction through early clash detection.

Multidiscipline Clash Detection

To ensure design coordination, our BIM specialists can detect hard, soft, and workflow clashes among various disciplines.

Access the Updated Software

We use updated BIM modeling and integration tools to ensure quality output for better clash coordination.

Why Partner with Us?

As a BIM clash detection services provider, we have trained professionals from different disciplines who can cater to your requirements. We become your partner in determining the clashes in the designs your team creates so you can review and correct them before moving on to the next step, construction. Our clash detection services help you create a seamless design where all disciplines flawlessly integrate so you can avoid design collisions. Our fast, efficient, cost-effective service ensures your team has time to incorporate the changes without missing deadlines.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our BIM experts help you detect hard, soft, and workflow clashes among various disciplines, such as MEP, architectural, structural, etc.
    Send us the 3D models of all relevant systems (architectural, structural, MEP, etc.) with your project specifications, and we will perform clash detection.
    Our BIM specialists use contemporary tools such as Navisworks, BIM 360, Revit, Tekla Structures, etc.
    Currently, we are not offering clash resolution services. We share a detailed report of the clashes with a marked-up PDF so your team can resolve the identified design clashes.