Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the newest technology in the construction industry. At, ISP, we believe knowledge is the key to success. ISP BIM Modellers undergo extensive training in our world class institute on not only the software and process of BIM modeling but also the different components of building construction. By giving each BIM modeler full knowledge of various construction materials and methods such as wall construction, structural steel components, duct design, electrical panel requirements, not only makes the BIM modeler great at “drawing the components” but with more knowledge of the components will make the overall model more comprehensive and complete. Our huge BIM Modelling team continually creates millions of square feet of existing and proposed construction all over the world. We have experience in the development of LOD 100 to LOD 500 models for Architecture, Structure, Civil, MEP, Geometry, Materials. The BIM team also works closely with our 3rd Party QC Services team to perform Clash Detection of finished building designs. In this service, we believe in quality over quantity. We train our team members to analyze each clash and not to repeat the same tasks over and over making the reports look so huge, but rather to report the relevant and necessary clashes so the client’s time isn’t taken up weeding through the Clash Detection reports. Try out any of our BIM services today and increase your company’s productivity and profitability.


Scan/ Point Cloud to BIM Modelling Services

Structural BIM Modelling

MEPF BIM Services

AutoCAD block/Template Creation

Clash Detection/ Prevention

Topographical Mapping & Surface Modeling

3D modelling for Design Support

Architectural BIM Modelling

Civil BIM Modelling

Revit Family/Template Generation

Material Take Offs

Shop Drawing Generation

2D & 3D GIS Data Model Creation

2D drafting


LOD 100

LOD 400

LOD 200

LOD 500

LOD 300


1 ――――

Reduce Deadline stress

With 24-hour working efficiency, we offer maximum productivity and reduce deadline stress

2 ――――

Better Quality Control

Every piece of work delivered by ISP goes through an internal Quality Check error-free deliveries

3 ――――

Grow Through Cost Savings

At ISP, we offer a team of experienced and high-qualified A/E Professional at low monthly cost

4 ――――

Focus On Business Development

Let us handle your in-hand work while you try to win more and more projects


5 ――――

Highly Trained

Trained in US standards, we can adapt to your work standard and offer 100% productive from day one

6 ――――

Run business without stress

From renting working spaces to paying for expensive softwares and talent, we save you from all those stress