Great company culture doesn’t take place, solitarily. ISP encourages a culture of collaboration, personal initiative, and sincere service. Great benefits and a workplace that is fun and dedicated to make everyone happy, encompasses all, at ISP. At ISP, employees feel their voices can be heard, when they aren’t muffled under the layers of management. This level of freedom and empowerment makes us distinct in creating confident and ethical employees.

Together we are invincible. ISP, through it’s peculiar culture, has created a dedicated team, tasked with coming up events and programs to promote community. We always act responsibly, in the true spirit of bringing cheer, which is really the cornerstone of any celebration. ISP organizes CSR activity, on a monthly basis, to make a positive difference in other’s lives. As an initiative to promote empathy and cooperation in our work culture, ISP has a Joybox Trip (a quarterly re-treat) – for individuals specially nominated by co-workers for their help and cooperation.

Another great initiative from the employees themselves, is the monthly ISPian’s meet which is a monthly celebration of employee birthdays with fun filled activities, and other interesting events. Some of the past ISPian’s meets had team building activities, investment sessions, and business incubator presentations.

Since a company culture cannot have a comfortable sofa and free beer, ISP has ping-pong tables, carom boards, dart, chess and much more, to provide employees with a sense of encouragement, refreshment, and well-being. We believe – Employees who are convinced of a larger common goal, are people who get exhilarated to be the part of a larger purpose.


What can be better than having a culture offering free snacks & full-scale insurance plans

Our people don’t get bored here because of the flexible work schedule

Don’t worry if one eats a bit extra in lunch, we have a fantastic play area for the entire team to burn extra calories

We totally oppose a monotonous work life and for that we arrange quarterly retreats, wellness programs and CSR activities on a regular basis