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Remote Professional Energy Modeler for AEC Projects

Energy modeling in MEP design simulates and analyzes a building's energy consumption and performance. Based on your needs, we perform Energy Modeling using different design options, focusing on environment-friendly technology, human comfort, lighting levels, airflow, and more. Our comprehensive energy modeling services cover various needs, including energy calculations, modeling, and analysis, LEED energy modeling, calculations for IECC, Energy Star, ASHRAE 90.1, etc.

Our Key Services

Building Envelope

HVAC Systems

Lighting Systems

Electrical Loads

Occupancy Patterns

Local Climate Data

Building Energy Modeling Service for AEC Enterprises

Our energy modeling helps predict how a building will use energy under various conditions, allowing you to optimize systems for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We use modern tools like eQuest, EnergyPro, Energy Gauge, Carrier HAP, Trane Trace, Chvac, etc., to create a digital model of the building.

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Customized Service

Our customized designing support is ideal for small and medium companies as you can optimize your budget to meet your needs.
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Faster Turnaround Time

The time zone difference allows our professional energy modelers to offer a faster turnaround time than your in-house team.
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Adherence to US Codes

We strictly adhere to building codes in the US, no matter which state your company belongs to.

Why Partner with Us?

Energy saving is no longer an option if you are catering to the US construction industry. Our building energy modeling services can help you achieve extensive HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection designs. We handle the complex calculations for energy modeling and send you the report based on which you can plan your designs. By outsourcing the intricate calculations to us, you can utilize your time more productively and efficiently.

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    Share your architectural plans, mechanical and electrical drafts, site information, occupancy schedules, and other relevant data. 

    It can take a few days to weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

    Our remote services allow us to work on projects anywhere in the US. 

    We provide the detailed reports you require for energy code compliance.