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Fire Protection Design

Professional Fire Protection Design Services Ensuring Safety at Every Turn.

ISP fire protection engineers have the experience and expertise to provide full sprinkler protection systems. This can include sprinkler head layout, standpipe system design, sprinkler piping design and hydraulic calculations. Additionally we can provide protection design services for gaseous fire protection systems. We follow guidelines from NFPA, and can lay out a fire protection system in any type of building. Software, such as AutoSprink, is utilized to layout, analyze, and optimize sprinkler head locations as well as piping system design. Our high-rise and fire pump systems are designed with safety and cost in mind. Use our fire protection team to help support your MEP team or fire protection contractor team to save time and money with our overnight fast and efficient production.

What Is Fire Protection?

Fire protection is the science and engineering associated with the prevention, control, and extinguishment of fires. It includes the study of the behavior, combustion and effects of fire, as well as the development and implementation of policies and procedures to protect people, property and the environment from the harmful effects of fire. Fire protection is an important part of building design and fire safety management. It can help to save money, property, and lives.

Delegate Your Fire Protection

Fire protection is a must for any business or project. A fire can destroy lives both physically and financially. ISP believes in working as part of your team. When you choose one of our fire protection engineers they will not be a third party to go through, but rather an extension of your team. Some of the fire protection tasks you can delegate include:

Sprinkler piping plan and riser diagrams

Head selection and layout

Scheduling and details

Hydraulic calculations

Coordination with other trades

Fire protection system design basis

Fire tank and fire pump room design

Gaseous fire protection system design

Fire protection is important because it helps to prevent fires from occurring and spreading. It also helps to protect people and property from fire damage. Let ISP handle your fire protection needs on your building or project.

Develop With Safety in Mind

Our fire protection engineer role in safety is crucial. Safety is thought of first and the planning must be done proactively. Building codes are a baseline to safety in a building, but they often contain critical issues, such as fire escape and layout concerns. It is therefore important when designing a fire protection system that we look for additional ways to improve the safety and features. Some common design issues related to fire protection are materials used in construction, the layout of the building, and fire escapes. The materials used in constructing a building have significant influence on not only the fire safety, but the ease of access for first responders. It is best when planning and designing the building to not use an excessive amount of combustible or high smoke producing materials. While they can’t be avoided it is best if the fire protection engineer makes sure to find a safe combination of materials to reduce issues in the event of a fire. The layout and flow of the building is also very important to how quickly first responders can not only combat fires, but get to anyone who may be trapped within the building. Fire escape routes need to not only be precisely planned, but also need to be easy to navigate in the event of a fire and low visibility. These are the main routes people will take in the event of an emergency so placing them in a thought out manner can greatly increase the safety of the people within the building, and fire crews being able to get to the fire and put it out.

Get Started

ISP fire protection engineers are waiting to be added to your team. With our help you can reduce deadline stress and have better quality control over your projects, saving you money and allowing you to focus on business development. Let us handle your fire protection needs, contact us today!