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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

ISP’s design team helps landscape architects with photometrics, amazing renderings, and electrical design to ensure your vision is just as beautiful at night! Just provide us with the landscape design (Autocad/ Revit/ Civil3D CAD) and desired fixture types. Our team will lay out the fixtures and provide photometrics and beautiful renderings. Upon your request, we can also provide the full power system/ wiring design to meet your local codes. Residential, Commercial, Multi Family, Parks & Rec, Retail or any other site type can be modelled at very low costs. We are expert in accent or spot lighting, grazing, shadowing, silhouetting, pool and fountain lighting, downlighting or area lighting, up lighting, spread or diffused lighting and moonlighting.


Lighting Calculation

(Offering Lighting Schedule)

CAD DWG file

Animations/ Flythrough & Walkthrough

Lighting Fixture/ Quantity Schedule

3D Rendering

Luminaire Layouts & Specifications

Federal and State Energy and Lighting Controls Code Compliant Designs

Daylighting Analysis

Budgeting & Cost Tracking



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Landscape Lighting

One cannot overestimate or, we dare say, put a price on a beautiful outdoor design. There’s something about blooming, colorful flowers in the summer, fall leaves in autumn, and a garden walkway that beckons people to follow its path that can truly distinguish your business, apartment complex, municipal building, and other commercial or industrial projects. International Service Partners (ISP) was founded in 2006 as a remote partner for the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. We offer outsourced MEP and architectural rendering services for your residential, commercial, or industrial construction projects. Get started today!

Comprehensive Planning Solution

The first benefit of hiring a professional landscape lighting design team is that they can provide a comprehensive and detailed plan for your outdoor lighting needs. Instead of trying to piece together a landscape lighting plan on your own, a qualified team can provide a comprehensive lighting design that takes into account the size, shape, and purpose of the space. They can also suggest the best types of lights and fixtures to use to create the desired mood and ambiance. In addition, ISP offers daylighting analysis, so you can know what your landscape lighting will look like at different times of the day.
Expanded Expertise & Knowledge

The second benefit of hiring a professional landscape lighting design team is that they have the expertise and knowledge to design a top-rated landscape lighting system that takes into account lighting, aesthetics, function, and originality. Using lighting design software, our remote design team can incorporate your preferred style of lighting, as well as interior design elements to craft an energy-efficient lighting design that also meets all local codes and is safe. Get started today!

Customized Landscape Design Solutions

The third benefit of hiring a professional landscape lighting design team is that they can provide customized solutions for your outdoor lighting needs. A qualified lighting design team can suggest the best lighting plan for your individual needs and preferences. They can also make recommendations for how to best incorporate the lighting into the surrounding landscape. In addition, our software can offer up many different variations, and making changes based on your feedback is a snap. Let ISP help with your outsourced AEC services today.

Cost Savings

Finally, when you hire a professional landscape lighting design team, you can also save money. Our professional remote landscape lighting design teams can offer top-rated MEP design services because we are remote and outsourced. You no longer have a need for an in-house team. We work quickly and efficiently in order to meet your tight construction timeframes, and changes are quick and painless. Let us help you focus on your business development, while we handle the nitty-gritty details. Call today!


Hiring a professional landscape lighting design team can be a great way to enhance your outdoor living space. With the right team, you can create a beautiful, inviting outdoor space that is safe, efficient, and customized to your individual needs. ISP is a company that is experienced, reputable, and efficient. We follow all codes so that your landscape lighting is safe. We also incorporate elements of photometric design into your landscape lighting design, so you can rest assured your space will be the talk of the town. There is truly no limit to what our outsourced 3D architectural rendering services can do for you. We stay abreast of current lighting trends, so we know what types of landscaping lighting fixtures will go with your current architectural design. Call to schedule a consultation today!