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Lighting Design Calculation Services Enriched with Advanced Photometric Analysis.

Being trained in AGI32 & various other photometric software, ISP’s experts ensure your interior and exterior spaces are designed as per IES & IBS codes & standards. With minimal input from your team including lighting type and ceiling elevations, we download proper IES files from any manufacturer and layout systems to meet the codes while keeping cost in mind. Our Photometric Team becomes an extension of your existing staff helping you deliver quality projects faster & much more cost-effective. The types of lighting we can work in are facade lighting, interior lighting, landscape lighting, street & roadway lighting and emergency lighting.


Lighting Calculation (Offering lighting schedule):

Facade Lighting, Interior Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Street & Roadway Lighting, Emergency Lighting

Feet Candle Level

(Renovating of lighting plans, Retrofitting)




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Photometrics is the science of measuring light. It is the study of the measurement of light and its effects on living organisms and other materials. Photometric services as offered in conjunction with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services are a type of specialized lighting engineering that helps to measure the amount of light that is produced by a light source. In architectural design and 3D architectural rendering services, photometrics can tell us the perfect lighting for a new construction building, as well as retrofitting. Here at International Service Partners (ISP), a remote architectural rendering service for MEP, we use photometric software to help you with all of your lighting calculation needs. Get started today!

What Do Photometric Services Do?

In commercial and architectural lighting applications, photometric services are used to measure the amount of light that is needed in a particular space. This helps to ensure that the space is well-lit, and that the light is distributed evenly throughout the area. Photometric services also help to identify any areas where the lighting needs to be improved and to determine the best type of lighting fixtures for a particular space. This helps to save time, effort, and money when considering construction projects.

There are seven main measurements of light: lumens, candela, lux, foot candles, candelas/meter2, cutoff, and beam aiming. All of these play together in order to determine the perfect placement of light. If you think of a parking lot, for example, you have probably been in a parking lot that is well-lit and one that is not. Odds are, the parking lot that was not well lit did not have a photometric analysis performed in order to determine its proper placement, which is the whole goal of photometric services. You want to ensure that the lighting in your space is adequate because if it’s not, the space becomes unpleasant, indeed. Let our remote design teams help you craft the perfect photometric design for your construction project. Get in touch today.

The Science Behind Photometrics

Needless to say, photometrics can become quite complicated, quite quickly. Lighting designers, engineers, and architects use photometric services to design lighting systems that are visually pleasing and energy efficient. Photometric services measure the intensity of light emitted from a light source, the amount of light reflected off an object, or the amount of light absorbed by a material. This data is used to design lighting systems that have the desired outcome.

The Importance of Outsourced Photometric Design

Outsourced photometric design services are also used to determine the amount of light that is required to produce a desired effect in a given environment. This can also be used to determine the best lighting system for a given application, industry, or use, or to determine the amount of light that is required to produce a desired effect in a theater or any other location. When you partner with ISP for outsourced photometric design services, you can expect the highest quality work with superior results with a fast turnaround time. Get started today!

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With our outsourced photometric services, you can rest assured you’ll not only have the best possible lighting design for your construction project, but you’ll save money, too. We use the best computer software to ensure the best possible lighting design for your space. From interior lighting to landscape lighting and lighting renovations, our team can help. If you are interested in our photometric services or any of our other outsourced MEP design services, get in touch with ISP today!