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Hotel is located in Jacksonville. The 4-story, 90-key, the 55,000 sq.ft. hotel is an ideal destination for both work and relaxation. Amenities include a fitness center, a ground-level restaurant. ISP is providing Electrical engineering designing and construction administration services.

Location: Jacksonville Florida

: Electrical Load calculation, Lighting & Power design, Power riser diagram, AIC Calculation, Site photometric, Fire Alarm design

: Hospitality

: Autocad, AGI32


Who We Are

Most companies start out by wanting to make some kind of difference in this world either by their products and/or services. International Service Partners (ISP)‘s mission is to help other companies, be it construction contractors, commercial businesses looking to expand, or new homeowners looking for the perfect floor plan, visualize their buildings with our architectural visualization services, which include 3D architectural rendinger, BIM services, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering) services. These services that helped Comfort Inn can be used to help you, too. Get in touch today.

What Are Electrical Engineering Design & Construction Administration Services?

ISP offers the best architectural and MEP design support services. When it comes to design, electrical engineering is focused on creating efficient, safe, and reliable electrical systems. This includes the selection of components, circuit design, and the integration of systems. It also involves the development of electrical standards and the compliance with safety regulations. The design process has become increasingly demanding due to the increasing complexity of modern electrical systems.

When it comes to construction and administration, electrical engineering design services focus on the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of electrical systems. This includes the design of power and control systems, the integration of systems, the installation of electrical equipment, and the supervision of the construction and maintenance of electrical systems. It also involves the selection and installation of components, the selection of appropriate materials, and the inspection and testing of electrical systems. ISP uses the latest software, including Autocad and AGI32, to ensure your architectural and MEP design meets your needs. Get in touch today.

The End Result

The goal of MEP design is multifold. First, a a well-designed MEP system is the key to achieving a comfortable and functional building. MEP engineers must consider many factors when designing a system, such as the building’s size and shape, the local climate, the building’s occupancy rate, and the amount of energy needed to keep the building at a comfortable temperature. For the hospitality industry and Comfort Inn, this is considerable since there are likely hundreds of occupants in the building at one time. Second, the goal of MEP design is to create a system that is efficient and cost-effective, while also meeting all of the code requirements. To achieve this goal, MEP engineers must be knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines, and they must work together with other professionals to ensure that the system is safe and efficient. Our remote MEP design teams work closely with our customers in order to ensure all their needs are met.

Comfort Inn

For Comfort Inn, our remote MEP design team helped in many ways, including with electrical load calculation, lighting and power design, site photometrics, fire alarm installation systems, and more. It was pivotal to come up with a design that met the client’s needs and kept in mind the needs of all the electrical conduits and wirings necessary for a multi-story building. Our expert outsourced MEP design services created a wonderful design that the client loved in an expedient fashion. Learn how we can help you today.

Why Partner With ISP?

A good MEP design can be developed that will meet the needs of the building and its occupants, and provide a safe and efficient operation. The design should also be flexible enough to accommodate any changes that may be required in the future. Here at ISP, our MEP services include HVAC, electrical, and plumbing design, photometrics, fire protection, landscape lighting, BIM services, and more. We can help you with your architectural engineering and construction needs. Contact us to learn more today.