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Indoor Cannabis Grow House

The Medical Marijuana industry is growing considerably throughout the US to help patients with a variety of ailments. The design of a Cannabis Grow Facility is very critical for MEP systems including HVAC, Lighting, Power and Plumbing systems. ISP Team New York in the MEP Division worked with our client out of California to create construction documents. This commercial grow house is designed for a specific atmosphere to grow perfect cannabis plants, setting up an ideal temperature & humidity range, air circulation, and CO2 level. In order to maintain an optimum environment to ensure this specific plant can grow at its finest, MEP design is a crucial factor for efficient growth. Our MEP team provided code compliant MEP design services to create a favorable environment for the plants, including specialty equipment such as Gas Turbines for electricity along with Absorption Chillers, specialty air handling units, dehumidifiers, purge fans and CO2 monitoring devices. It requires a precise and calculated work environment for the growth, so calculating temperatures and providing proper heat to the yield is important for efficient production. The client wanted an electricity producing system, hence a highly efficient co-generation plant equipped with a natural gas turbine, vapour absorption chiller, cooling tower, heat exchanger, set of primary and secondary redundant pumps, has been designed and installed. The LEED approved carrier Hap software is used for HVAC load calculation and energy analysis for comparing energy consumption using different scenarios and operating costs of design alternatives. Along with that, provisions of RO water supply for the growth of plants have been made. Water cooled LED grow lights are installed to reduce the heat dissipation to space. With the help of a perfectly designed system using a closed loop cooling tower and pumping system, LED lights are cooled which was unique lighting used in the project.

Location: California, USA

: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

: Industrial

Project Area
: 300,000 Sq. Ft.

: Revit, Carrier HAP