Top Architecture Firms in the US for 2024

Our daily lives are significantly affected by our built surroundings, which contain anything from skyscrapers to houses and require the expertise of qualified engineers and architects to design. Multiple architecture companies in the United States are pushing the limits of design and innovation, and their work is famous worldwide.

If you’re looking for renowned architecture firms, you’ve come to the ideal place. In this blog, we will discuss the top AEC companies in the US. These companies are developing the benchmark for invention, design, and construction and excitingly reshaping the construction world.

Top Architecture Companies in the USA

Seattle, Washington, and San Diego, California, are house to the architecture firm Miller Hull. Since the firm was established in 1977, sustainability and innovation have been the basis of its core. Miller Hull has achieved 5 Living Buildings and the Bullitt Center and has ten COTE Top Ten Awards to its name. 

Additionally, Living Building Petal has certified its offices. With the introduction of EMission Zero, Miller Hull advanced its environmental efforts by aiming to remove greenhouse gas emissions from every building it creates.

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    The architectural design company has received recognition for its philosophy and its support of removing toxins. Perkins & Will has also finished Petal-Certified Living Building projects and won five COTE Top Ten Awards. Every project is an opportunity for them to make the world a better place.Perkins & Will delivers services in landscape architecture, metropolitan layout, interior design, and branding. It has expanded to employ 2,500 individuals. More than 60 design prizes have been awarded in 2021. Therefore, the awards prove its position as one of the top architectural companies in the US.

    Lake Flato, one of the top AEC companies in the US, has adopted an innovative approach to building since 1984. The Texas-based architectural design company strives to create stimulating environments that improve our knowledge and association with the world and reduce carbon emissions. Numerous honors have resulted from this strategy, including 13 COTE Top Ten Awards. The Betty & Clint Josey Pavilion, the state’s first living building, was also created by this group.

    BNIM has the expertise in modern technological development to construct a building. From complex environments to long-term maintenance of the structures, they can show their performance. Along with providing the structural designs, they advise and navigate the plan to build a structure that creates a realistic vision of the client’s dream. They have created the Omega Center in Rhinebeck, New York, a completely certified living building, and they have acquired 11 COTE Top Ten Awards to date.

    Payette, a Boston, Massachusetts-based firm, is well-known across the nation for its data-driven technique for sustainable design. The incorporation of Payette’s Building Science Group into the design approach is an innovative process that contributed to the company’s 2019 AIA Firm of the Year Award win. Five COTE Top Ten Awards have been given to Payette, and since 2010, 70% of their projects have received LEED certification. Their dedication to research fosters innovation throughout the sector.

    ZGF has expanded to 6 offices around North America. It is renowned for promoting cutting-edge techniques in sustainable architecture, such as creating the largest net-zero building in California. The architectural design company is now operating in Portland’s first certified Living Building and has won numerous COTE Top Ten Awards. Its goal is to understand the relationship between buildings, the environment, and people.

    Regarding sustainability, Gensler employs an innovative methodology to comprehend the difficulties and circumstances of its clients. At Gensler, the value of their work derives from its positive impact on the human experience. They are a collaborative design firm uniting innovation, research, and creativity to solve complex problems for their clients. 

    Industry praise has resulted from Gensler’s approach. The foremost organization to beat 3 COTE Top 10 Awards was Gensler in 2020. The company has produced Living Building Petal projects, including Etsy’s headquarters in NY.

    Their work challenges conventional ideas about architecture and the constructed surroundings. They are not just designing buildings but reimagining places and cities that make a difference in people’s lives.  Their group not only always seems to be in surveys with the most elevated rankings, but they also win multiple prizes for outstanding design work from the industry every year.

    For more than a century, HNTB has helped to create infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment. They understand infrastructure life cycles and can solve technical problems with imagination and clarity. They help with far-reaching issues of ongoing operations for construction and design.

    Regarded highly for its transportation infrastructure, especially its bridges, is HNTB. They enable clients to achieve their goals and vision.

    CallisonRTKL, a global architectural, design, and planning firm, began over seven decades ago and has evolved into a cultural agency. Their architects blend exceptional design skills. Superior project management capability and creative vision to produce buildings that have a long-lasting social and environmental impact on communities. It redesigned the 1980s Ballston Common and rebranded it as Ballston Quarter, a retail destination that appeals to young and smart dwellers in North Virginia.

    Perkins Eastman is an international organization that specializes in project management, graphic design, landscape architecture, metropolitan layout, interior design, and planning. Despite not being formally established under this name until 1991, the company has a long record in architecture. Bradford Perkins, a co-founder of Perkins & Will, the second-largest architecture firm on this list, was the son of the company’s initial originator.

    Perkins Eastman is particularly famous for its excellent healthcare design work. The business won 20 honors in 2021 for designing healthcare facilities and areas totaling more than 2 million square feet.

    LPA is a multidisciplinary design and architecture business founded in 1965. Currently, it employs more than 400 architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, and planners in six studios in Texas and California.

    Final Takeaway

    The top AEC companies in the US are setting the standard for sustainable design and innovative healthcare, commercial, and cultural landmark projects. 

    Cities around the country have seen the profound impact of the companies on the list above, each of which has made significant contributions to the work of architecture. Whether building a brand-new home, renovating an old one, or creating a cutting-edge commercial design, these architecture companies have the know-how, creativity, and knowledge to make your dream a reality.

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