Trimble Launches Its 2024 Update of Tekla Applications to Enhance Building Information Modeling for Structural Engineering Firms

Tekla 2024 Update

Structural engineering firms must focus on fruitful collaboration among various disciplines to ensure success in BIM structural engineering and modeling. Although the previous versions of Tekla fostered open communication, Trimble has improved its collaboration possibilities in these new advanced applications. As a result, engineers and architects can now deliver model information and required documents much more efficiently with a wide spread of supported industry formats. 

The AEC industry, a beacon of sustainability, is at the forefront of everybody’s focus. The more connected the various disciplines in an AEC organization are, the better outcome the workforce can produce. This industry’s commitment to sustainability is driving the need for increased efficiency, reduced material wastage, better resource allocation, and overall support for construction maintenance, making the role of engineering designers more vital than ever. 

With the newer version of Tekla 2024, the AEC industry can confidently ensure timely delivery within budget by improving its collaboration with stakeholders. This update confirms Trimble’s commitment to your success and the industry’s future. 

What the Tekla Structural Designer 2024 Offers:

Tekla Structural Designer 2024

The updated Tekla Structural Designer 2024 version has enhanced the 3D rendering support engineer’s capability to conduct a thorough Staged Construction Analysis. It considers the sequence of loading and construction to ensure a seamless automated process. Hence, engineers can apply the method to steel and concrete structures for a fast-paced outcome. 

The new version allows structural engineers to collaborate with other disciplines, such as MEP and architects, using reference models for better communication and enhanced compatibility checking. The implementation of this process minimizes the potential for conflicts within the design phase, leading to an overall improvement in the quality and success of the construction project.

The Improvements in Tekla Structures 2024:

Similar to Tekla Structural Designer 2024, Trimble has improved Tekla Structures 2024 to ensure engineers can complete their projects within budget and timeframe. The new update is especially beneficial for intricate geometric projects. Engineers can now access more instinctive modeling that allows them to complete a project with fewer iterations, which boosts productivity. 

Tekla Structures 2024 has an automated construction drawing cloning feature, improving the outcome for precast and steel unit drawings. The robust change in the software will allow more efficient and quicker delivery while ensuring error-free data transmission for structural engineering firms. The model is more in sync with the regulations and standards designers must follow for construction projects. 

Here are a few sections Trimble focused on to improve Tekla Structures 2024:

  • Supporting open standards: Enhanced industry alignment through open standards like BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) in Tekla Structures 2024 enables seamless communication of model-based issues with project collaborators at all phases. Trimble has enabled an extended and improved version of IFC property to support buildingSMART properties. 
  • Advanced offering for fresh licenses: With the latest Tekla Structures 2024, new license holders can now access three products for one permission or license. Users can access Tekla Model Sharing and Tekla Business Premium under one “Named User License.” As a result, users can now deliver projects faster while maintaining high-quality standards and accuracy using integrated updated BIM tools. 
  • Better collaboration: Tekla Structures 2024 improves collaboration by improving interoperability among third-party solutions, Trimble software, and hardware, leading to new integrated workflows. The updated version optimizes rebar geometry generation for better delivery logistics, site operations, and fabrication. Designers can now share accurate designs with the new data exchange feature with field and scanning hardware integrated by Trimble. In addition, Tekla Structures 2024 comes with Trimble Connect Business Premium, which allows users to improve their collaborative operations capabilities, such as model-based status sharing. 

Offerings from Tekla PowerFab 2024:

Tekla PowerFab is the ideal steel fabrication tool for engineers and 3D rendering support designers. The 2023 version of the software allowed designers to make visual changes, which enabled them to manage and estimate job costings. 

The new updated Tekla PowerFab 2024 offers better project management tools for designers. Architects and engineers not only keep track of the modifications they make but also organize their tasks much better. The integration of Trimble Connect BCF Topics allows them to change the order breakdown. 

Engineers and architects often work using different tools. A seamless collaboration of these tools ensures a project’s success. BCF Topics bridges the gap among various tools and establishes a seamless partnership. Using BCF Topics, project managers can simultaneously follow up and create reports on multiple projects. 

Tekla Tedds 2024 Updates:

Structural engineering designers rely on Tekla Tedds for calculations. The new, updated software version collaborates with Tekla Structures 2024 for seamless documentation and information integration. Thus, designers can produce more detailed designs built based on real-time calculations. 

With the new Tekla Tedds 2024 launch, designers will have access to libraries of structural calculations. They can either use the predefined calculations or customize them to enhance their capabilities. Thus, they can produce more reliable structural drawings much faster. 

Besides, since Tekla Tedds 2024 comes with integrated US building codes and standards, architects and engineers can produce flawless drafting following the regulations. 

Information Security Assurance:

With the updates of the various Tekla applications, Trimble has also focused on improving its security information structure. Trimble provides enterprise-level security to ensure organizations can keep their data safe. 

Hence, the company declared its Tekla products and their new updates to be ISO27001 compliant, the ultimate international benchmark for managing information security. 


Trimble claims to be revolutionizing the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process for structural engineering firms by releasing different versions of Tekla applications in 2024. Tekla Structures, Tekla Tedds, Tekla PowerFab, and Tekla Structural Designer have all been updated to provide enhanced interoperability, collaboration capabilities, and cutting-edge technologies that accelerate the design and construction process. 

These tools utilize open standards, integrate seamlessly with third-party solutions, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. As a result, they empower engineers and architects to deliver projects more efficiently, accurately, and sustainably.

In addition, Trimble’s dedication to enterprise-level security in accordance with ISO27001 compliance offers reassurance to organizations dealing with sensitive data. Since the AEC industry is rapidly shifting toward sustainable practices, Trimble’s new updates will work as a driving force. From structural engineering to architectural drafting, the advanced Tekla applications will improve the efficiency of the design process. 

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