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Hyatt is known for relaxation and well-designed guest rooms. Hyatt Place is located at Palm Bay with 106 guest rooms with Fitness and two meeting rooms. Total area of the hotel is more than 80,000 Sq. Ft. ISP Provided electrical engineering, Arc fault calculation, Fire Alarm and site photometric for the project.

Location: Palm Bay, Florida

: Electrical Load calculation, Lighting & Power design, Power riser diagram, AIC Calculation, Site photometric, Fire Alarm design

: Hospitality

: Autocad, AGI32

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Construction projects are big expenses and undertakings that are months in the planning, months in the construction phase, and months in the final touches and approval process for occupancy. Therefore, any way that these times can be cut in ways that save money, too, is a boon for any business. Here at  International Service Partners (ISP), we strive to provide the best architectural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering) design services. We are a remote AEC and MEP design company, offering the best architectural visualization services at affordable rates. Get started today.

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Outsourcing AEC (Architectural Engineering and Construction) and MEP services can provide a number of benefits for businesses looking to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase quality.

Firstly, by outsourcing these design services, businesses can reduce costs. This is because they do not have to employ full-time staff to provide these services, and they can benefit from the lower costs associated with outsourcing.

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The End Result

ISP aims to ensure our customers have their architectural rendering services, construction documents, BIM services, animation walkthroughs, interior design support, MEP designs, and more in a timely fashion, so construction can proceed. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and give them a realistic idea of what their construction project will look like. Learn more today.

Hyatt Place Hotel

Hyatt Place Hotel is a good example of our outsourced MEP services. Our remote MEP design team developed schematic design and 3d architectural rendering services of the hotel’s lighting and power systems, electrical needs, fire alarm system, and more in order to ensure the optimal placement and efficient operation of these systems. When we undertake a remote MEP design support service for a customer, we always keep energy consumption and sustainable energy use in mind. Since the HVAC, lighting, and other electrical systems are a big part of the expense of running a building, we incorporate energy-saving methods at every turn with our architectural and MEP designs. Let us help you with your building project today.

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ISP offers comprehensive architectural and MEP design support services at your convenience. Designing all of the electrical components, space heating, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, and power systems in a building can be complicated. With our outsourced architectural and MEP renderings, you can better see how to configure these systems inside your building while maintaining its primary function.

ISP offers fast turnaround times, top-notch renderings, and a collaborative work environment that yields the best results for our customers. We use the latest software in order to provide our customers with realistic renderings that allow for instant and easy changes to designs. Let our remote design teams help you with architectural visualization, so you have the most aesthetically pleasing and functional design possible. To get started, reach out to us today.